Goddess of the Hunt



Artemis - daughter of Zeus and Leto - is one of the 12 olympian Gods and sister of Apollon. Like Athena she is
one of the virgin Goddesses of the pantheon, protectress of women and children, but is mostly known as the huntress. Also she is responsible for the death of women.
In the imagination of the people, she was trailing through the mountains, accompanied by Nymphs, and everyone who tried to take their virginity had to fear her wrath. She also once had a lover named ‘Kalliste’ (the most beautiful), who was raped by Zeus and became pregnant. Artemis turned her into a bear, ‘cause she had broken the oath and was no virgin anymore. There are other versions of this story, but all of them say, that Kalliste was turned into the constallation we know as the great bear.
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‘Hercules - The Legendary Journeys’ & ‘Xena Warrior Princess’

Even if she was often mention, she actually appeared just two times in the shows - In ‘Xena’ she helps the other God to defend Olympus and tries to avert the birth of Eve. She’s played by Josephine Davison.
In Hercules she takes Heras’ part in the story about the golden apple and is played by Rhonda McHardy