Goddess of Wisdom, Arts and War



In a way Athena was Zeus’ answer to the birth of Hephaestos. He lusted after the Titaness ‘Metis’ (wisdom), but she tried to escape him. Metis transformed into plants and animals, and when she finally tried to hide as a fly Zeus devoured her - and became ‘pregnant’ with Athena.

Terrible headaches tormented him, till Hephaestos split his head with an axe - and Athena sprang out in full armour, with her spear and her shield. She is one of the virgin goddesses of the pantheon and protector of the heros (like Ulysses, Perseus and Diomedes).

Athena, the patroness of Athens, became the most worshiped goddess in ancient greece, even more celebrated than Zeus himself. Read more about her (only german so far - sorry).


‘Hercules - The Legendary Journeys’ & ‘Xena Warrior Princess’

There are only a few episodes which Athena appears in and in these episodes her only goal is to kill Xenas daughter Eve, who will bring ‘the twilight of the gods’. She’s ruthlessly haunting them down, trying to save the olympian order.

Most of the time she’s played by ‘Paris Jefferson’ - visit her official website to read more about her.