Goddess of Fertility



Demeter was the second child of Rhea and Cronos. She makes sure Gaia is fertile and taught mankind farming. As the Goddess of fertility she has many children. With her brother Zeus she gave birth to Persephone. When Hades kidnapped her daughter she was grieving and aridity and hunger raged on earth, till Zeus decided Persephone should stay with her mother. But she had eaten a pomegranate seed in the underworld and everyone who does is doomed stay there. So she married Hades and for a part of every year she had to stay with her husband.... that’s how people explained the seasons of the year.

Read more about Hades & Persephone (only german so far - sorry) - Information about Demeter will follow.


‘Hercules - The Legendary Journeys’ & ‘Xena Warrior Princess’

She is only seen in one episode of Hercules - “The Other Side”. The kidnapping of Persephone is the subject of this Ep and it was one of the few where they tried to stay as close to mythology as possible.

Demeter was played by Sarah Wilson - unfortunatly I found no Information about her...