Queen of the Gods


Born as one of the 6 first olympian gods, she became the wife of Zeus and ‘Ruler of Heaven’. She was worshiped all over ancient greece, mostly as goddess of family, women and marriage. Probably she is one of the oldest earth-gods around the Aegean Sea, even older than the patriarchal order of the Olympians.

With Zeus she gave birth to Ares, Hebe and Eileithyia, but there are named many others, like Hekate. Without a male partner she gave birth to Hephaestos.
More mythological informations & historical facts (sorry, only german so far)

‘Hercules - The Legendary Journeys’ & ‘Xena Warrior Princess’

Since Hercules is a real big-hearted hero in the shows, Hera is pictured as the ‘evil stepmother’. Well, ok, she made herself a name by placing her wrath on the lovers of her husband and their offspring. ;o) But I guess you would be a little upset too, if your partner betrays you for aeons, wouldn’t you? ;o) In mythology she was known for her lust for revenge, but she was also a loving mothergoddess. At least she changed in the shows and in a way saved Xenas daughter Eve...

In spite that she had a titlerole in ‘Hercules’ and was often the reason for Hercules adventures, she actually appeared only 3 times in the shows - in these episodes she was played by Meg Foster - klick on the banner to read more about her and to visit my Meg Foster & Hera galleries.