Nachdem schon “Gabrielles’ Xena RPG” einem Hacker-Angriff zum Opfer gefallen ist, ist dies nun auch auf dem “Hercules & Xena RPG” passiert. Das Board wurde komplett gelöscht, die ID existiert nicht mehr. Somit sind auch leider alle alten Posts in die elysischen Felder eingegangen.
Ein neues Board ist bereits erstellt und online. Wir setzen dort an, wo wir aufgehört haben.
Viel Spaß auch weiterhin!


This page was planned a long time ago, but I never had the ‘spirit’ to start designing it - you know, there’s allways something else to do ;o) But thanks to my friends on several german online-RPG-boards and their encouragement I finally created this place. I wouldn’t wanna miss you!!!  *grouphug* :o)


What in the name of Zeus is an online- R(ole)Playing)G(ame)?

Well, it’s quiet simple - Imagine a message-board which is parted into ‘places’, not categories (for example “Amazon Territory” or “Olympus”). You sign in as a charakter like Hera, Nemesis, Hercules, Xena - who ever - and start writing a story from your charakters point of view. Maybe you are an Amazon and your tribe has vanished? Go and try to find them! The other users will (hopefully) react to your actions, help you with your quest or try to stop you... Of course there are some rules and most of the time the quest is given to you by the admin, but there’s not much more to it. The story will develop it’s own live and all you need is a little fantasy and an obsession for writing ;o)

Now hurry up and sign in ;o) Here some links to german boards, unfortunatly I don’t know any english boards...




Ok... it’s not about mythology or Xena.. but it’s great ;o)